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You are the Coach of your Business Team! Just like baseball, your team relies on you to guide them and know what's best. You are responsible for the team's success!


At Strandberg, we know the game you're in and can help provide the resources and expertise you need to lead your team to victory!

Why learn the hard, expensive way when you don't have to? Isn't your team worth it? Aren't you worth it?


NJCEUcenter.com For up to date listings of CEU courses and class schedules.  NJCEUcenter.com Newsletter and training discount coupons


All Courses offered by Strandberg are now Board of Examiner Approved for Electrical Contractor CEU's.  Over 100 hours of training courses are now available.

Discounts available for multiple employees from the same company and multiple courses for the same licensee.  Call for details.


NJ Licensing Fire Alarm, Burglar Alarm and Locksmith Licensing CEU Courses. Courses offered regularly in North, Central and South Jersey.

Interested in an 80 hour curriculum to get your NJ License?  We can customize a curriculum for your needs at affordable rates. 

Interested in Exam prep and practice exam.  We offer the exam prep series in two methods. We have on-line, on-demand training that you can start today and complete at your pace and live webinars offered several times a year.  Call us now for the latest class information or to register for the on-line, on-demand training.  Call 908-797-7943 or email bob@StrandbergConsulting.com for details.

To register, call 908-637-8557or email Bob@StrandbergConsultingGroup.com